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May 09, 2017

Paradoxical reaction the blood pressure meds?

I have many drugs that I get the opposite reaction to; like many stories on here...mostly sedative drugs bring me up. I am currently having a huge problem

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Apr 09, 2017

Achilles' tendon transfer thanks to cipro

After a year of diverticulitis with Cipro one of the main antibiotics used, end up with right Achilles tendonosis. 2 years later after physio, orthotics,

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Mar 14, 2017

I get the wiggles and a paradoxical reaction to compazine

I'm diagnosed with chronic pancreatitis and unfortunatley frequent the E.R...there's two regional health centers in different counties both about 25 miles

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Mar 14, 2017

Paradoxical Reaction to Morphine

Been to hospital for severe pain. They gave me morphine. I've had it before administered in the hospital always the same. I get real jittery and it will

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Mar 06, 2017

Paradoxical Reaction from hell to kidding!

I am an oncology nurse and about 17 years ago for no reason I began to have these strange headaches, they literally would come from nowhere and last for

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Feb 13, 2017

A Story of Antidepressants Making Me Depressed

I have been on antidepressants for years and they almost led to me killing myself in the end. I barely survived and i am terrified of every new medication.

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Feb 07, 2017

I'm So Grateful You Published This Info About Levaquin

I was prescribed Levofloxacin (Levaquin) yesterday for a persistent sinus & lung infection. I always research a new medication prior to ingesting it, and

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Feb 07, 2017

Paradoxical Reaction to Reglan

Almost identically to the story above. I went to hospital ER after 12 hours of vomiting with stomach flu. They tried a different anti-nascea medication

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Feb 07, 2017

Promethazine Kept me Awake

I was prescribed promethazine hcl for a cough I have. Normally prometh is used for nasea, motion sickness, and acts as an antihistamine. I read many

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Jan 19, 2017

No withdrawal from long term use of opiates

I'm not sure if this is really a paradoxiical reaction or not. i have a botched ankle surgery three times, leaving me with alot of pain esp. when walking.

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Jan 09, 2017

Paradoxical Reaction to Painkillers and Amphetamines

Immediately after hand surgery, I picked up my two meds, oxycotin and extra strength hydrocodone. My pain was really bad, couldn't wait to go home and

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Dec 28, 2016

In Constant Pain after Taking Cipro

Thank you for your article. I took cipro in October 2014 for 8 days, was supposed to be 10 days. I experienced depression, anxiety and it was like I

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Dec 28, 2016

Paradoxical Reactions after Surgery. Up all Night

Following 3 surgeries in my life; over 25 years, I had been given Morphine drip following 2 surgeries, and several different injections following the 3rd

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Dec 16, 2016

Could Cipro Cause Finger Pain 3 Years Later

Hello! My daughter had a serious kidney infection three years ago and she was prescribed with CIPROBAY. This summer the middle finger on her right arm

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Dec 16, 2016

Bicep Tendon Rupture after Levaquin and Prednisone use

I was prescribed Levaquin and Prednisone together in june 2016 for tonsillitis /uvulitis, and I experienced almost immediate arm pain from my elbow to

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