Paradoxical Reaction to Pharma-Gaba and burst of anxiety

by Ashley
(Phoenix )

I am a nursing student and mom of 3 and my anxiety has just grown into this cloud that follows me around all day I have panic attacks and awful symptoms. I went and saw a naturopath as I am all about healing our bodies naturaly with as little pharmaceuticals as possible.

After my acupuncture session she recommended I try pharma gaba. Pharma gaba is an over the counter all natural supplement that people take to help feel relaxed and calm. I went straight to my health food store and bought the exact one she told me to. I took 1 chewable and about 15min later I was in a full blown panic attack, crying, freaking out, this attack lasted 2 hours and I never went back to my naturopath (even though i knew it wasn't her fault)

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