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Get REAL information about Side Effects that are important to YOU! If you're about to take a new prescription drug, herbal supplement, vaccine or vitamin supplement- you should find out what problems you could experience first. Don't wait until you HAVE an adverse drug reaction before you get this important information.

If you just started taking a medicine or drug your doctor prescribed and all of a sudden, you're having problems that you were not expecting (and aren't liking) FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THAT DRUG! If you've been taking prescription medications for years and are starting to experience adverse drug reactions, FIND OUT IF YOUR MEDICATION COULD BE CAUSING IT.

Just because the FDA says something is safe, doesn't necessarily mean that it is- case in point are the Quinolone Antibiotics. This class of antibiotics has had more than 7 drugs removed from the market after harming thousands of people. And the ones that are left continue to cause major damage to people around the world.

Don't risk it. We look at the actual research, the actual numbers, and give you the facts. EVERY substance can cause problems- some are important and some are not. In fact, there are such serious side effects to drugs that a recent Harvard study indicted the pharmaceutical industries and the FDA for massive corruption. For Harvard University to say this, you know that it's a serious problem!

"... up to 2.7 million hospitalized Americans each year
have experienced a serious adverse reaction.
Of all hospitalized patients, 0.32 percent died due to
ADRs, which means that an estimated 128,000 hospitalized
patients died annually matching stroke as the 4th leading
cause of death. Deaths and serious reactions outside
of hospitals would significantly increase the totals."
Institutional Corruption of Pharmaceuticals and
the Myth of Safe and Effective Drugs

What's Most Important to YOU

Other sites that talk about Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR's) are often run by drug companies who stand to benefit by confusing you. They are required to tell you about every problem their product could cause. And often that means giving you a LONG list of problems that just aren't going to mean anything to most people.

Don't Be a Statistic of Side Effects

But we're independent medical professionals and are not affiliated with any drug companies, so you'll get the REAL information about adverse drug reactions that will actually IMPACT YOUR LIFE. Problems like:

That can DESTROY your quality of life, but that your doctor will NOT warn you about ahead of time. These are the IMPORTANT problems to you and not the tons and tons of lists of side effects that most people will never experience.

marcia angell it is no longer possible to trust in doctors or the medical industry

In fact, we won't mention most of the adverse reactions at all. If you want to know about problems like nausea and dry mouth, then you can read about them on the Common Side Effects page.

We're more interested in the dangerous, life-changing and Uncommon Side Effects that no one is going to warn you about. Well, we will! AND we provide SOLUTIONS to these problems. What you REALLY want are solutions! You want them, we have them!

Not only that, but you'll learn:

  • How to Avoid Adverse Drug Reactions (ADR's)
  • What to do if you have one
  • Alternatives to the Substance that is causing your problem

We hope that you enjoy our site and you learn from it.. See you again soon...


Kerri Knox, RN Registered Nurse
and Functional Medicine Practitioner

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