I Have Always Experienced Paradoxical Reactions to Medications!

by Jessica
(Mayfield Kentucky )

When I was a child my grandmother gave me a sleeping pill as I was very hyper about being on my first family camping trip. Their night became hell because I became so hyper everyone was up all night.

In college I was never hung over just chipper and ready to go instead of having a hangover. I have to take downers for my depression and can't sleep without caffeine. As a person who rarely speaks mild surgical procedures make me chatty Cathy and hyper.

My eye Dr. was the last to make this discovery when I had cataract surgery, and yet having this problem is impossible to convince doctors of until they see it themselves and even then they write down the opposite diagnosis to justify the meds they prescribe.

After 61 years new Dr.s still disbelieve. I find it hard to believe it can be so rare that Dr.s can't or won't believe a patient when they tell them about it. It may have saved my eye dr. from telling me to hold still and be quiet constantly during surgery. WTF. I get tired of their disbelief.

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