Dizzy and sleepy after eating a grapefruit

by Irene
(Houston, Texas)

I got up this morning and ate an egg with a little roast beef, left over from yesterday. I decided to eat a grapefruit also. Within an hour of eating I started to lose my balance a little. Then I got sleepy. I laid down to sleep for a little while and instantly got real dizzy.

The room was moving. I thought I laid down too fast. Finally things stopped moving but I was still feeling dizzy and sleepy. I normally have lower blood sugar in the morning but have not had these symptoms. Once I eat, I’m fine. This time I knew something was wrong with me. I’m not on any medications what so ever. The grapefruit was the only new food I have eaten in a long time.

I had heard something about grapefruit some years ago but thought it thinned the blood or helped with losing weight. I never knew it could effect blood sugar. After reading these columns, I am convinced grapefruit has something to do with my symptoms. I’m still dizzy and sleepy as I write this. I am drinking water trying to flush it out of my system.

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