Given something after surgery and I "had to get outta there"

by Lisa
(Los Angeles, CA)

After my hysterectomy a few years ago in a highly-rated hospital in L.A., I was coming to and saw the nurse inject something in my IV. Within a very short time, I started having a fit!

I threw off the covers, wanted to pull out the IVs, kept saying I have to get up and was SO anxious. I felt severely claustrophobic and had the urge to run. Thankfully, my husband calmed me down by reading the bible to me in a calm voice. They had no idea why I acted this way and did not mention a paradoxical reaction.

Since then, it seems I'm 100% more claustrophobic --even in a car, in a restaurant booth, etc. It may all be psychosomatic but it even makes my heart race just seeing someone on TV in a situation where it appears they are not able to get out of or break free. MRI's are no longer an option for me, either. I would need to be knocked completely out.

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