My Paradoxical Reaction to Coffee: I Go to Sleep!

by Nannihe Kuluma
(ABQ., NM)

I drink coffee and go to sleep. It's like a sleeping pill. I was suppose to be still and not sit up for an hour after a spinal tap and yes, I had the i've got to go home, NOW! The doctor gave me 40 mgs and I couldn't lay there. I cried and cried and totally lost it and they had to tie me to the bed. I tried to be reasonable but every few moments I tried to sit up or run.

When they put me to sleep for an operation, I don't sleep for days sometimes a week. The doc was going to give me a sleeping pill but I refused. Thank goodness.

I don't know if this is related but I can't take asprin or vitamin C. Produce Manufactures add Vit. C so what I can tolerate in small doses.. I sure can't in the added on's.

I had a orange and vodka drink with a date and I didn't speak for the rest of the night. He was so mad at me. I couldn't speak.

I was given a bottle of orange juice (without the Vit. C added) and it was so good. I eventually drank the whole bottle and passed out by the time my husband came home. (I'm not a diabetic). It had no alcohol in it. So I can't eat a Lemon cake but I do. But that is the limit... thin slice.

I had 300 absent seizures a day, every day with in 11 hrs. and my muscles were so sore that I could no longer walk. I broke my teeth and crowns and finally they gave me Oxycodine... the lowest dose 5 times a day. (A chronic pain doctor) I guess most people go to sleep but I was able to move where before i was frozen. My jaw was frozen (it's like I'm awake but frozen) I started walking and excercising and i could talk again. The doctors also gave me other meds that helped also. Before I felt like i was getting shocked and held my breath until it went. It would come in clusters. It was a nightmare
until we got it controlled. I'm quite allergic to a lot of drugs, even 'atteral' but it really helps. Tranquilizers or any anti depressant will cause horrible things.

I guess as I refused drugs or tried to stay away from them, I didn't know I was allergic or paradoxal. I just didn't want them. I've been taking my meds for 8 years without increasing any but they took away the only med that was a non irritant of the muscle relaxant family. I was mildly allergic but i took a benadryl with it and it worked. It was soma.

I hate this war on drugs. When you are in pain, it does not mean you are drug seeking. It means you can't find the cause, doesn't mean I'm crazy. I just happened to see a psychiatrist that also was a neurologist. She said, never see a psychiatrist again but go to a neurologist till he finds it. She saw them (the clusters).

This is just wrong to allow people to be in pain for your failure. After surgery, it's a given... oh, I will say, they have discovered a gene in the DNA that is either your have a addictive personality or you don't have that gene. I don't. I got morphine and I was mean so I weaned myself off it. But there is pain meds that do nothing or make me seem more in pain.

Sorry, I guess I will never be totally void of those seizures but they are usually only once or 2 times a month or every 3 months, i can have a really big one and the CBV (pot oil) does nothing for me. THC didn't do anything either.

Again, the war on drugs, by Regan, by Bush's 'just say no', and now this one is just not right. We need to quit punishing and stigmatizing people and not put them in clinics but CBS Sunday Morning showed there are really good ways to use these 'illegal' drugs for many peoples. that was 3'28'2018. Jane Pauly interviewed quite a few people. I wish it was illegal to put corn starch and soy in processed foods. UGH.

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