Are Doctors Deliberately Trying to Give Us Cipro Poisoning?

by Roger

I went to my doctor just on 3/6/2013. I am applying for SSA Disability because of multiple conditions. I have spinal conditions, 4 partially decompressed disc with degenerative conditions, and tiny muscle, tissue, tendon, or cartlidge damage next to spine in lower back and in neck. The lower back pain has a sciatic nerve condition that has been causing me pain and swelling in testicles for several years now.

I have mentioned this to several doctors, including present one, but they never examined me until this last visit. This doctor said I had an infections in testicle sack and prescribed ciprofloxacin. I just finished the prescribed doses 2 days ago, and now I am having severe tendon pain in left ankle. I have a history of chronic disabling arthritis conditions that started in my feet and ankles. This doctor knows my medical history. I can't imagine why she would want to prescribe me cipro, other than she must be purposely trying to give me cipro poisoning.

Today I "googled" to find out more about the drug. This doctor knew she was putting me at a high risk for cipro poisoning, and I am very upset about this. We have a serious problem in this world with too many snakes crawling around. They need their heads cut off.

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