Can't Fool Me Into Taking Cipro

by Sandy
(Bc Canada )

I am suffering from stomach problems from taking 2 antibiotics for pneumonia. The doctor told me take Cipro & it will l help with the bad bacteria.. Am I I glad I went on the Internet to find out how bad these are...What's wrong with doctors? I think she just wanted to put me on them again for my pneumonia as I have asthma as well.. lucky she couldn't fool me.

I am taking a strong probiotic & vitamins but still my best friend is the toilet .WOW what's wrong?? I think I need to change doctors .Also I am suppose to go on antibiotics for 6 days before hip replacement surgery next month & than I was told I will need antibiotics every time I go to dentist after that CRAZY crazy .. Asthmatics are too often given too many chest Xray & antibiotics

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by: Anonymous

I had pneumonia in May this year...Dr. put me on Azithromycin, I had no problems with that...I was injured bt Cipro a year ago, left me with neuropathy, which I'm learning to live with, but the initial symptoms were , sleeplessness, panic attacks, teeth grinding, depression, pain all over and of course the neuropathy, which came on overnight. Those Quinolone drugs are pure poison, cipro, ciprofloxacin (generic), avelox, levaquin etc. Do not take!!! They are still being given out like candy, all over the US. Leaves some people crippled facing years of recovery or maybe no recovery at all.

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