Cipro Destroyed My Life

by Cynthia P.
(Wichita Falls,Tx)

My name is Cynthia P. and this is my story. In May of 2008,one week before Mother's day,I developed a kidney infection. I went to my doctor and was prescribed Cipro 500mg,twice daily for 5 days. I took it and started feeling better, as far as flank pain and fever, but just felt a little different.

I finished the last pill on Saturday and the next day was Mother's day. My daughter had come to spend the week end with me. On Saturday night I made the remark to my daughter that I felt a burning sensation from my left knee up to my hip. My thigh hurt.

The next morning we were going to get up and go to church. I got up and as soon as my left foot hit the floor I sat back down on the bed. I told my husband and daughter that I could not go because each time I would try to stand on my left foot I had pain in my entire left thigh.

I spent most of the day sitting in a chair with the heating pad on my thigh. My husband left the following morning to work. He drove a truck and would be gone all week. I seemed to get a little better and was able to hobble around some but around 9 or 10 every night I began to have horrible muscle spasms in my left thigh. I mean bad enough I would double over in pain. I had never had pain like that in my entire life.

I was 58 years old. The next week on Monday morning I went to my doctor and he x-rayed my left hip and knee. He told me I had osteoporosis. This was his opinion. He gave me hydrocodone 5mg. and flexeril (a muscle relaxant) to take. I did that all week with no relief. Following week on Monday morning I went right back. The pain was intense in my left knee, up my thigh to my hip.

Next we did a full body bone scan
which showed NO osteoporosis at all and report came back as mild arthritis in my low lumbar spine. Fast forward to 2 months later, I had went from 144 lbs down to 125 lbs. That's 19 lbs lost in 8 weeks time. To make a long, long story short, from that time until now,Sept.7,2012, I have had several cat scans, tons of blood work, x-rays, the bone scan, an MRI, brain scan, 3 cases of the Shingles and now have wide spread neuropathy. The neuropathy started first in my left thigh and after the Shingles is now all around my trunk area. I have seen several doctors and every single one of them said, No, the Cipro wouldn't cause all of that. I now take Hydrocodone and Neurontin 300mg daily.

I take these meds and still have left leg pain and low back pain. The MRI showed that I had spinal stenosis in my cervical spine. My left thigh and left calf is atrophied and the right side stomach muscles are atrophied. I have a mis-shaped stomach now. I go to bed in pain and I awaken with pain. Not one doctor can tell me why I have all of this but all say that Cipro would not cause that. Well, what did? Before I took Cipro I was just fine. I had energy and was able to jump up and go at a moments notice. I sometimes have to use a cane when walking due to my entire left leg going totally numb several times a week. I attended church 3 times weekly and was involved in a ladies ministry visiting our elderly and ill members. I had to stop that and I feel like I lost my former life when I took that drug.

My days are spent staying inside and I only leave the house for doctor appointments,etc. I do not see my life improving at all because it hasn't since May 2008. It is very sad and I spend a lot of my days crying and asking why this happened to me.

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Me too
by: Poisoned in Ohio

So sorry for your bad Ciprofloxacin Side Effects. I took the same dose as you in March 2011. I too had no reaction til 3 days off the drug. Then it hit me like a hammer. Panic attacks, sleeplessness,then the neuropathy started....painful tingling in my feet, legs, hands and arms, then progressed to my lips and tongue. Some of it has gotton better, but it left me with , I fear, permanent neuropathy. Forget the doctors ever admitting that this horrible drug could be the cause, they won''s like they are all clueless, or they won't take the time to find out how many of us they are ruining/cripleing for life.
You must get on with your life, and stay away from the doctors who will only prescribe more pills, because that's all they know how to do.
I have finally got my life back, except for the neuropathy, but I like you suffer with back and leg pain...which I had before
cipro, but cipro increased it ten fold.

Cipro Is Dangerous
by: Lynn

I caught a mysterious stomach bug when moving back to New Mexico from California in 2008; I did all the usual self care to ride out a virus: fluids, bland diet, etc. but when it persisted into nine days I broke down and went to a walk-in emergency clinic.

The owner was on duty that day and after examining me asked, "Would you be Willing to take Cipro?"...huh? I was so sick I couldn't think to ask her what that meant but I had a dim memory that Cipro was used when postal workers were exposed to the deadly Anthrax during the 9/11 crisis.

I took 3 pills and my entire body went crazy: legs, arms, and right shoulder extreme pain and spasms, my brain felt scrambled, etc. Knowing drugs affect me strongly I made myself take another pill and things got twice as bad. I called the clinic; another doctor was on and told me to come back immediately. After he examined me he put FQ toxicity, Adverse Drug Reaction, and Tendinopathy in my chart.

He put velcro braces on my calves and said, "Wear these for a week and HOPE you feel better, cuz if you don't you might need MRI and surgery. I fell apart. It took me MONTHS to find a doctor who'd admit what happened to me, got me 10 MRIs that revealed 12 damaged tendons, 10 in my legs, two in my shoulder. Within 5 years both hips had to be replaced as the cartilage was destroyed by the Cipro.

I may now need right shoulder replacement. My life has been ruined; I tell everyone, "Do not let anyone you care about take a FQ antibiotic UNLESS is is a matter of Life and Death." I was healthy, fit, and active before Cipro, now I am essentially a hermit and worried how I will live going into my elder years. MAKE the doctors you see study the subject and Wake is real.

One question
by: Linda

I just read this article and good on you for writing about it. I have been writing about the side effects of Cipro for a long time on my own blog. I also write about things you can take to help, which I see you are well versed on.

So here is my question. Did you have a hysterectomy or female surgery since the year 2000? If you did, then Cipro would be given for any UTI's. The reason I ask is that many of your symptoms sound like the same things thousands of other women have gone through, because of a mesh implant. You may not answer me and I understand but because I am disabled by this, I want you to know.

by: Cynthia P.

I had a total hysterectomy in 1996. I didn't take the Cipro until 2008. I don't even know what the mesh thing is.

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