Cipro knee tendon discomfort

by Jeff

So I'm taking cipro for testicle pain from a piercing infection. About a month into taking it I was working and repeatedly began bending down to clean/pick things up for an extended period of time.

I noticed the pain right as my shift was ending and seemed to get worse over the next day. Finally a few days passed with rest and the pain went away but now, weeks later, the tendon pain has not subsided completely. I put trixaicin and tiger balm on to make it heal more but I have to take my cipro so I don't have anymore testicle pain.

My question is that even though my knee tendon does not hurt unless I stretch it or put pressure of my leg weight while kicking my feet up, will I heal completely after I stop taking the cipro......even if I have anywhere from 2-6 more weeks of taking it?

Thanks for listening, Jeff

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Long time
by: Kerri Knox, RN, The Immune Queen

Hi Jeff,

I know that I didn't answer this in a short amount of time, so wondering how you are doing. I'm hoping that you called your doctor immediately upon experiencing the pain and asked for a different antibiotic if that was possible.

But let us know how you are doing.

by: Anonymous


I am actually doing better. I managed to heal up very well...however I started pushing myself with more leg workouts and re activated my knee pain. I can't walk up stairs or jog or jump or anything like that even for a second or I will feel that inflammation type feeling shortly after.

I feel that I am slowly gunna heal enough to the point I can jog and stuff. Ive been to a doctor who told me I have chondromalacia. I can feel myself getting better everyday but then something happens and I hinder the healing process. I can at least walk and do normal daily activities without much discomfort.


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