Ciprofloxacin ruined my body :(

by Amber
(canada, BC)

I had a urinary infection and was given Ciprofloxacin. I wish I never took it. The first day I took it, I woke up with a sore neck, and once I felt it I felt sore two bumps on my neck, my tendons on my right side near my skull on my neck, my shoulder on that side really hurt too.

My tongue went white and blistered a little, I felt random pains all over my body. and I felt the need to itch for a second on random parts of my body and they leave a red mark for a second.

My head throbs and feels light; my nails went yellow when they went under hot hot light. At work I have to work with uv lights and I got a red purple rash on my knuckles. My hands were completely dry in seconds. My eye sight was a little off at moment's and i felt complete nervous and depressed.

At one point at work i stood there thinking how I'd kill myself if this never ended. I cried harshly for a whole night straight until passed out. I felt pains all over my body at random times. And my poop had blood in it.

My pee was sooo yellow it was horrible. i had also weird tingling feelings in my body and my left hand couldn't stop shaking at moments i stopped taking the pills right when i researched them.

I was so shocked and freaked out. I hope those pills did not ruin my life! i hope my neck lumps and pain goes away and the random pains threw my whole body. i am so mad at how this drug is out there, i am so upset my doctor gave me this pill.

It was cheap to. A cheap pay for a cheap drug; it just caused me problems, from my feet;to my neck. my fingers feel weird to sometimes. i need a hot bean bag on my neck now at night. i hope i don't get anymore symptoms. i hope they go away. i am only 18 :(((

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