Don't Even Take One Single Pill of Levaquin

by Jamie

I took 500 mg Levaquin for 7 days. I saw the black box warnings, but they seemed to be rare side effects. Oh heck no! Around day 5, I realized that my muscles felt fatigued and sore. It was almost a flu-like feeling.

I brushed it off as just the antibiotic making me tired. After all, it is supposed to be a tough one. On day 7, I realized it was more than I thought. It had messed up my tendons in my right shoulder, arm and hand. And when I tried to run on a treadmill, it felt like someone was sticking knives into my knee caps.

It has been 2 months, and I am still feeling pains in my tendons. I keep searching the internet for hope that this will go away. If you are prescribed Levaquin, do not by any means take even 1 pill. And then go find a new doctor.

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