Drunk on phenergan

by Ashley

I hate hospitals and clinics and avoid them at all costs. But after several bouts of migraines that included blurred vision, black out vision, bright lights in vision, numbness in extremities, and speech problems, I finally had a migraine so severe and scary that I had my boyfriend drive me to the hospital.

There I was given Phenergan via IV and within seconds I felt the effects. I turned to my boyfriend and said " I feel drunk" and fell over. After that I didn't feel the excruciating pain of the migraine anymore. I was too busy with a reaction to the medicine. What followed the IV was giddiness and, for lack of a better word, drunkenness.
I laughed so hard I couldn't get a sentence out. I couldn't stop laughing, couldn't even complete a thought in my head, much less convey it in speech.

I was dizzy, couldn't hold myself up, and couldn't function. After a few minutes (I think. I really lost track of all time during this ordeal), I began to get ornery and impatient. I demanded to be allowed to leave and tried several times to get up and walk out, but couldn't muster the strength.
My boyfriend complained to the nurse and he then gave me what I'm guessing was Benydrill.
After that, I felt better but was still demanding to be able to "go home."

The nurse said he had never seen anyone react like I had, saying they felt drunk,

All I know is, I'll stick to liquor if I want to get drunk. That phenergan got me too messed up!! Lol

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