Going from sane to nuts in 1 minute from Compazine

by Dean
(Charlotte, NC)

My doctor gives my compazine at the ER for a stomach bug. I start freaking out. I want to just run. Nurse doesn't know what to do. I start freaking out and pull the IV out of my arm. Blood squirting all over. Benedryl shot. Calms me down, even allows me to fall asleep for a few hours. Scariest thing I've ever had happen to me. Benedryl wears off and you start feeling it again.

It took me almost a week to get back to normal. Panic sensation will be worse if you are under a lot of stress I am told, or if you have untreated hypertension. So now I'm allergic to anything with antihistamines in it when I'm asked. Ask for the benedryl if this happens to you.

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