Hip, Thigh and Buttock Pain after Levaquin

by Adrienne
(Clinton, MD)

I was hospitalized in Sept due to a sinus infection.I've had 4 previous surgeries in the past 6 years and will be having another. I have been placed on numerous antibiotics over the past two months. While hospitalized I received Levaquin via IV for 6 days and placed on Cipro for a month after my hospitalization.

I discontinued the Cipro a week early because I started having terrible stomach problems. In addition I was receiving two antibiotics through a machine similar to a nebulizer for my nose. Over the past week I have had difficulty walking. I have pain in my buttocks when I lay down, both thighs and hips hurt. I went to the rheumatologist this past Thursday and was given two injections in my hip/thigh are because she thought I may have bursitis. I have had xrays and no damage is viewed. I am in a lot of pain and can barely walk. Based on the information I have read does this sound like I have tendonitis since I was on both of these medications for long periods of time?

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by: Anonymous

Nope, sounds to me like Quinolones did a number on you...both Levaquin and Cipro...known as the atomic bomb of anti-biotics

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