I'm 22 Years Old and Antibiotics Ruined My Life

by Braden
(Utah )

I'm crying cause nothing can be done. I had surgery and had to take antibiotics for it a few rounds and problems with my arm swelling I had no idea what I had gotten into until I could not use a clutch in my car because my left leg is in so much pain when I do.

It swells and they tell me it is nothing I can't do anything and I'm tired of feeling sick having worse vision sleeping all day. My life is ruined I feel and I'm only 22 I want to work out and feel good after surgery and I just feel worse I'm tired of it I need help I feel done.

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I feel your pain
by: Linda

I posted about long ago about levaquin and plaquenil, both quinine-based drugs. Most recdntly, in addition to mKi g my left elbow painful, uselesz and zwollen with tendonitis...

I am now in agony with soft tissue loss in my shoulder, facing a shoulder replacement! There is no doubt that my entire body was ravaged by those drugs. I had to fight my rheumatologist and show her this site in order to have her stop the plaquenil.

The primary dr who prescribed the levaquin apparently doesn't know about the lawsuit and continues to prescribe! What can be helpful to just cope is ibuprofen, cold packs and an occasional cortisone injection. Those things don't remove the problem but certainly give some relief.

Poor kid! Hang in there! Blessings.

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