Knee Pain be From Cipro

by Loretta

Did not have any problems with my knee's until 3 days into taking Cipro for treatment of Lyme disease. Now, I don't complain so much about the Lyme as I do about not being able to walk! I hate this drug. What do I do to fix this? Ortho Doctor "cleaned" out my right knee with some laprascopic has only made it worse. Now he is talking knee replacement! I am bone on bone in the right knee..but it was NOT that way before the Cipro!

Please....ANYONE...tell me what I can do. I am only 59 and have lots of grandchildren that I want to play with...but cant! HELP!


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More information required
by: The Tendonitis Expert

Hi Loretta.

Kerri and I need more information.

1. Did you have ANY knee pain, of any kind at any time, before the Ciprofloxacin Side Effects ?

2. Say more about the symptoms of Lyme you've experienced. How bad, how long, how often, etc. details. How long did you experience symptoms before you were diagnosed with Lyme?

3. Detail what you believe are the Cipro side effects, in detail.

4. Give me the how's and why's of the knee surgery.

The more details, the better.

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the levaquin tendonitis solution

by: Cqt

Hi Loretta,

I found myself in a similar predicament to yours about a year ago. I suffered with acute joint pain in all my small joints. Tests proved it was not arthritic pain and I was fortunate enough to have a doctor that believed it was caused by Cipro. My physio at the time and several other doctors just said I may have to accept that the damage was permanent .... As a chef, this was an unacceptable diagnosis for me. My GP suggested prolotherapy, and while it is far from pleasant especially the injections in the feet, it has cured me. I was off work for 4-5 months, but am now back to working my regular 15-17hr shifts with minimal pain. Before you consider knee replacements, consider prolotherapy first.

Good luck!

ciprofloxacin and knee pain
by: Anonymous

I am a 52 yr old female,5ft, 7in and weigh 124lb. I went to the emergency room 5 days ago with severe lower abdominal pain. Come to find out, I have a urinary tract infection. I have NEVER had this before. My first dose of ciprofloxacin was given at the hospital through my IV.

I take ciprofloxacin 2 2x daily.3 days into it I started with pain in my left knee. Now at the end of the second day of very bad pain, I am limping and can hardly bend my knee. I am an in home daycare provider. It makes it very hard to work with little ones.,

by: Anonymous

I have been having bad gastro problems and after further tests I have been to,d I have a stricture in my transverse colon but no idea as yet what the cause is but my consultant put me on Cipro just in case there is a bug in my system. 3 days after taking Cipro my left knee is swollen and very painful and I have never had problems with my left knee before and truly believe it is from taking Cipro. I am 60 years and relatively fit and now feel I have another problem please help!

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