My Husband's Paradoxical Reaction to Compazine

by Latoya
(Denver, Colorado)

My husband was given Compazine through his IV while in the hospital for nausea, he had surgery to repair an ulcer that ate through his stomach lining, immediately after being given this drug he started having an adverse reaction.

They gave him Benedryl to counter the effects but it didnt help, they also gave him Valium it also didn't help. He said he feels as if he is going to crawl out of his skin. He's extremely agitated, restless and horribly irritated.

He can't lay still for more than 20-30 seconds. I feel absolutely horrible watching him go through this. The nurse came in with 4mg's of Versed, hopefully that will help but so far, he's still flipping and flopping.

We know the next time they try to give him Compazine, we say no and list it as a drug allergy.

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