My Life Has Never Been the Same Since Taking Cipro

by Adriana

I suffer for 10 years from daily pain - every step i make, every move day or night is a pain that makes me hold my breath. It happened when my doctor prescribed me 500 mg Cipro for 2 weeks for a minor UTI case.

After a week, my whole pelvic area, hips and lower back were a one knot of burning pain. My groin lymph nodes turned to be big and hard like boulders. In the middle of the night, while turning in bed, my hip gave out a very loud crack with excruciating pain that practically blinded me for several seconds. For four months, i could not get off the sofa, turn in bed, put on shoes or walk 50 feet. Doctors refused to listen and to document my complain as this being the result of Cipro. Some were quite insulting calling me a worrier type of female of imaginative complains.

That constant pain eventually cause heart problems. For some reason, 2 MRI made at some intervals showed nothing - which was impossible as i could hardly walk. Only recently, after 10 years, a 3rd MRI found that my hip cartilage has cracked and a bone cyst has protruded, wearing and tearing the attached tendons and other tissues.

I did a lot of research. I found that - allegedly- cipro type antibiotic was created in Czechoslovakia in 1960s and was dismissed due to side effects. Also that-allegedly- France and England refused to distribute it among their population due to the side effects. Some claim that -allegedly- Bayer knew about those side effects and did not disclose them here in the US on the label. But it is an official record that Cipro was Bayer's golden child bringing the highest profits ever, particularly, from the US market. For 10 years, a state representative was writing to the FDA to look into this problem - to no avail, they did nothing for over decade. How many more people had suffered in these years? How many lost their health due to this negligence and profiteering (allegedly)?!

I used to be 100% healthy. Bayer's Cipro was the biggest destruction to my health, and irreversible, i am afraid. I want all my pains suffered, my damaged health to go to those who caused it, knowingly.


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