Paradoxical Reaction to Antiemetics

by elizabeth

i was hospitalized because of dehydration( hyperemesis gravidarum) in the first semester of my pregnancy. I was in a special room and feeling well.After the nurse came and put the i.v drug (she said that it was an antiemetic drug) i started to feel restless,agitated and call the nurse for help.I asked the nurse if it can be caused from the drug.She said that the drug has the opposite effect.

I wait little more and i remember asking the nurse to go home because i wanted to live the hospital.She said that it is impossible, all the night i was walking in the room because i couldn't sleep.I thought that i was very sensitive because of pregnancy and didn't want to take more drugs.In the morning i told to my doctor that i couldn't sleep all the night, he said that we will give you some sedative tonight.The second night i slept well.

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