Paradoxical Reaction to Benadryl

by Sai
(N.J )

I had a paradoxal reaction to Benedryl about a year ago. I was hospitalized for migraines and told the doctor about my allergy to Compazine. The nurse administered Benedryl intravenously. As soon as she took the needle out & told me to rest I screamed like someone was "killing" me. I was trying to yank the IV out by clawing at my arm. I was yelling at the nurse to get me out of the room that I wanted to jump out of the window !!

I was so scared & felt "psychotic". I've never felt to that degree even when given Compazine the the migraines. I was very discouraged later when the covering neurologist told me I wasn't "allergic to Benedryl ". It was a nurse that actually mentioned I should not take any medication with diphenhydramine.

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