Paradoxical Reaction to Benedryl

by sharon

I don't know what to do. I am going days without sleep and nothing works. I don't usually take meds but I have been thru some medical issues and needed meds. I have even refused meds when I realized what was happening, hoping for some relief. I have a paradoxical reaction to Benadryl, ambien, anti nausea meds, morphine, Ativan, toradol, tramadol, codeine, and hydrocodone. They all make me wired.

I have springs in my eyelids and it's uncomfortable to close them and I get aggravating headaches that worsen when I lay down and try to close my eyes. It's more comforting to sit or stand and stay awake. Without meds I stay awake from anxiety. I just want to sleep.

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Sleep problems
by: Dave

I have sleep problems also, which I believe was caused by Levaquin. I took Ambien for 8 yrs and it worked fine, then all the sudden it quit working. I would take it, sleep for 1/2 hr and wake up. Doctor wrote prescription for Ambien CR and it didn't work. Would only sleep for 1hr and wake up, anxious and I felt psychotic and angry afterwards. Had to stop. I found if I take magnesium it puts me to sleep. I don't take daily because it makes me feel fatigued the next day.

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