Paradoxical Reaction to Carbemazepine

by Jane
(Moncton, NB, Canada)

It seems for me that I have this Paradoxical Reaction to most every drug I am prescribed. But, was most evident when I started Carbamazapine. Being awake for 24-72 hours at a time is normal right now for me. Tomorrow yet another change in medication to find one that works the way it should for me. I have been prescribed more different things than I can remember. Which, brings me to my next point. My very serious memory loss. I am only 48 and I feel like I have Alzheimers. I can remember most everything from my childhood but, in the past 3 months and three different drugs it seems my instant recall has flown out the the window.

Is there anyone else that this happens to? I am so curious.

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Re: Side effects
by: Lou Kirk-Puch

I have the problem with memory loss. I have Fibro. And a few years ago I was in the ER in shock and didn't get enough o2 for a while and that made it worse. The biggest reaction I have to meds is antibiotics. Those are my worst. But also I have a problem with Cold meds and that sort of thing. I don't have a problem with Vit. D, or Magnesium, or any of the drugs I see on the sidebar.

by: Kellie

My son has autism and has experienced a paradoxical reaction to every drug we've tried.

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