Paradoxical Reaction to Coffee

by Cortney

I have a paradoxical reaction to stimulants like coffee and diet pills. Caffeine and diet pills are appetite suppressants, they don't make me hungry though. Instead, they make me want to fall asleep and make me spacey. I hate it, I really wish for that pick me up I once could experience.

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My experience
by: Anonymous

Hello. I used to have a paradoxical reaction to caffeine. I even used caffeine pills to help me sleep. Turns out I have hypothyrodism. Once I got my thyroid hormones up to normal, I started having a normal reaction to caffeine. It was a trip! But I loved the buzz and still do!

Paradoxical reaction to stimulants
by: Anonymous

I have the same reaction to caffeine and other stimulants, but only sometimes. I've had my thyroid tested and my doctor told me its function was 'exceptionally good'. I did have a caffeine pill once and I hated it. It made me feel edgy and all over the place, and no matter how many deep breaths I took I couldn't calm down.

ADD - Paradoxical
by: Anonymous

I'm in my 40's and just diagnosed with ADD (ADHD-I) and was put on Methylphenidate (ritalin). Day 1, sleepy on a 5mg. Day 2-45 alert and helpful, though needed to increase dose. Suddenly, after 45 days, suddenly severely paradoxical, made my eyes magnetically closed while talking to someone, legs were weak, thinking was very fuzzy.

After that I've tried generic Adderall XR with no effect (up to 20mg), Evekeo with no effect, and Dexedrine with no effect. ...either no effect, or somewhat tiring. Tried higher dose of Evekeo and Methylphenidate, on a second trial. Evekeo only made my blood feel thick, but still no psychological benefit, and Methylphenidate made me sleepy again.

All did have an effect decreasing appetite though.

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