Paradoxical Reaction to Gapapentin

by Pixi

Took 300 mg/day gabapentin, (off label use of antiseizure med) for one year for nerve pain in my back and insomnia. although it was good to relieve the pain, I experienced lack of refreshing sleep, hyperactivity,confusion, spasms and aching joints, nausea, weakness,slow heartbeat, palpitations and chest pain/pressure.

No other issues were found with my health, and when I sought help with the insomnia and weakness, the doctors disbelieved what I said. When I stopped 5 days ago, I felt great the next day, then for a day nausea, extreme exhaustion, pounding heart, shakiness and moodiness, little appetite. The next night during sleep, it felt like my heart muscle relaxed deeply. I have slept very well past 4 nights and feel good. It worked to suppress my pain, but I feel it also suppressed other things.

Two weeks ago I took my pulse when first awakening and it was 37, 47 the following morning. generally, I felt awful while taking it, despite the pain relief, and feel like myself again just days after quitting completely. Been on Magnesium suppements and electrolyte water this week. it is a huge relief not to take it. Hopefully things have leveled off.I saw the doctor today and he completely ignored that I had quit the drug. ( cold turkey)

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