Paradoxical Reaction to Magnesium and Fiber

by Janet
(St Thomas usvi )

I will only take my heart medication, because I was on Prozac, Lyrica, ambien,and Xanax, and I was very near to death trying to get off of them.

Now I try to go natural, and am seeing a naturopath. My paradoxical reaction was with fiber and magnesium, I started taking the fiber and became constipated so I stopped. I was told to take magnesium for the cramps I was getting and they seemed to get worse, but the naturopath said to increase the dose till I got diarrhea, well, I ended up in severe pain and constipated!

It was also supposed to help me sleep but I wasn't getting much sleep. As soon as I stopped taking it I became regular and got better sleep and my cramps are not as bad. I thought I was crazy or an alien, but now I see I am not alone.

Thanks for sharing this with others.

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