Paradoxical Reaction to Pain Relievers

by Barbara
(Ohio )

Following a back injury, i was given morphine for pain, and put in an ambulance for transport to another hospital. As soon as i received the morphine, i became agitated, over stimulated, and could not lay still, or stop talking.

The ems workers had me strapped to my gurney, for my own safety. I could not stop struggling to sit up, asking questions about everything in the ambulance. Finally, one worker said "Lady, just lay down, and go to sleep!" impossible!

I just wanted to go home. Another incidence of being given vicoden for pain, resulted in my calling an ambulance after i had taken a half of a tablet. My heart was racing, i was very agitated.

God forbid the day i have to take any form of pain medicine. I had a colonoscopy done, and the medicine they gave me didn't work. I FELT THE WHOLE PROCEDURE!!Won't ever have another one!!

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