Paradoxical Reaction to Reglan

by Sheila

I was in Henry Ford hospital with pneumonia and became very nauseated. I told the nurse that I could only take zofran because I had had a reaction to compazine. She said she had never heard of that and i said just give me the zofran.

after she injected my IV...I lay back in my bed thinking oh great I'm going to be able to get rid of this horrible nausea and relax, when suddenly a giant wave of emotion hit me. I was so weak I could hardly move yet I managed to climb over the rail of the bed and grab the nurse by her jacket screamimg and demanding to know what she gave me.

She murmured Reglan that she didn't want to wait for zofran...OMG REGLAN was horrid. The reaction twice as bad. I tore off my gown and tried to tear out the IV..i had to get home and take a sleeping pill or something!!! Before i could get far, I was tackled sprawled naked on the floor with Ativan on the way.

The next day the doctor told me I should have a psychiatric eval??? I told him I don't know what happened that I totally panicked after Reglan and the same with compazine. He said I must have an anxiety disorder!! I can't believe he didn't know what had happened. I was very worried until my niece told me Reglan had totally put her over the edge, that it was almost the same as compazine. BEWARE!!

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by: Anonymous

I had a bad reaction to Reglan too. Went to the ER with bad stomach flu after 14 hours of puking. They gave me 2 doses of Zoran which seemed to help but I was getting nauseous again. So then they gave me Reglan.

I had already been in that tiny ER room for 3 hours. I started feeling panicked and puked again. Tried to go to the bathroom and pooped myself. I told her I wanted to go home and she told me I couldn't yet.

After I got cleaned up and put on new gown the nurse left the room. I changed back into my clothes and left with the IV port still in my arm. I drove myself home and they sent the police to check on me. I've never had such a bad reaction from a medicine. It did stopped the puking but . . .

Reglan and compazine
by: Anonymous

I told the nurse i can't have reglan for my nausea and she asked why I said I get severely anxious and they gave me compazine and sure enough I had the same panic attack and the highly intellectual physician closed the door turned off the light and told me to relax and any one who knows if your anxious your most likely closterphobic after yelling and screaming like a crazy lady to open the door and let me go home.

I couldn't get up because of the dang iv they finally gave me Ativan and treated me like I was a psychotic person they said they never heard of that reaction I really believe healthcare professionals should be trained better on this

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