Paradoxical Reaction to Stimulants

by Jewell

For many years I have noticed that my first cup of coffee keeps up alert, like everyone else, but regular morning cups quickly add up to taking a midday nap, and forget about brain work! Within a week of regular consumption, the coffee sent me to la la land.

For the past two years I have been bone tired everyday of my life. We have tried a few things, but mostly, I sleep a lot. Very recently I got some adderall. At first it jazzed me up, but within a week, I was more tired than usual, so I stopped taking it and returned to my tired base line.

Last week I thought, if I have a Paradoxical Reaction to speedy medications, maybe my levothyroxine is a culprit. I have been taking it for 19 years since a surgery to remove half of the gland. I had increased my dose from .75 to 1 last month with no change. I had added T3 a couple of months ago to no effect. Anyway, I stopped the levothyroxine last week and within two days. I felt fifty percent better. Then i took a supplement made from assorted Amino acids, designed for energy, and it put me to bed for 36 hours. I could not lift my head from the pillow.

I take forty mg of cymbalta, which has a slight upper effect. I may consider stepping away from it, but not yet. I take Lithium 600 mg at night. That is supposedly a sleepy drug. I will see. I really need it, though.

I know it sounds odd, but that is my story and I'm sticking to it!

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