Paradoxical Reaction to Stimulants

I have ADD and have taken stimulants for many years. While most people would get a high "speeding" effect from these drugs, they do the opposite to me. They calm me down, slow down my thinking, focus my attention, and I can even have a nap while I'm on them.

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Cymbalta paradoxical
by: Shelley

My doctor kept insisting on my taking Cymbalta for what he thought to be depression. The reality of it is that if my physical issues were addressed, anxiety and/or depression wouldn't be considered.

I, in past years tried another kind of this type of medication with negative results to the point, my employer told me not to come to work while taking it....I was a nasty person on two doses...

This past year with another doctor was the Cymbalta push, I had been a bit down, so might help so agree to try a lower dose 30mg, two put me to a point of panic. elevated BP and anger.

I stopped taking after two and reported it to the doctor....he told me only two doses couldn't have done that.....I changed doctors, the next one decided Lexapro was the answer....disaster with 5mg. one half of a 10mg.

called his office scared to death and even thought of harming my dog and what it was like to burn.....stopped of day was counselor and I was still up from that....she said not good. Report to doctor....THIS one tells me that was only a baby amount and couldn't have done that.

Now I am finally coming to the realization that I need to filter what I say to my doctors and be my own advocate....

I deal with ADHD and PTSD along with many other issues....what happened to the doctors that treat the cause of an issue and avoid pill pushing?

Thanks for listening...

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