Paradoxical Reaction to Valium that I Believe is Genetic

by Bayareagirl
(San Francisco)

Approximately 16 years ago I was at a derm facility I trusted, with doctors I liked, and was about to undergo an office surgery to remove a large cyst. Because it was larger than other minor biopsies I'd had the doctors suggested I take a valium and gave me one.

While waiting for it take effect they had other surgeries to perform. I expected to feel relaxed Strangely, gradually, than with more intensity I felt a profound overwhelming feeling of immense sadness. Now this was different from a panic attack. I ha

ve experienced those before. The valium did the opposite of what it was supposed to do. The doctors said I was having a paradoxical reaction. We rescheduled the surgery in two weeks, and I did it without taking a valium and was fine.

I happened to discuss it with my mother one time who told me the same thing had happened to her. I do believe it is a biological, genetic response. Some years later I did my "genome" and submitted it to promethease to obtain some health data that 23andme does not provide.

I learned there are major differences in how people respond to various medications and drug classes. Although I knew this intellectually, I'd never experienced something like that.

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