Paradoxical Reaction to Versed

I was in the hospital for a surgery and was given versed and numerous other medications before I went in. I distinctly remember them telling me I was going to get woozy and then almost instantly began to feel the urge to tighten my muscles and flex my legs and point my toes. Next thing I know my brain feels like it is in a sealed box and I have no communication with it. I remember trying to sit up and pulling on my iv trying to remove it. Three more pumps were put into my iv and that's the last thing I remember.

I was Completely out of control. Worst feeling of my life. Total sense of feeling like my bones were going to jump out of my skin and take off. I have had 2 surgeries without versed since then and had no issues. Odd thing in my sister and my mom have the same issue with having a paradoxical reaction to Versed as well.

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