Paradoxical Reaction to Vitamin B12

by TR
(Sarasota, Fl)

Throughout my late teens and collegiate life, I had several experiences that really just seemed in par with my kind of backwards nature. Things like cold meds that describe side effects as one thing (excitement for example) and would leave me drowsy for hours.

My first experience with a mild sedative during wisdom teeth oral surgery (17 yo) had the dentist at lost wits. Within 15 of administration I was out of the chair and wandering around the waiting room chatting with people and looking for my mom. Rare but funny situations like that, and being the laughing stock of my friends during party/college days � smoke a little marijuana and I am rushing to clean things, organize some event and complete loss of appetite for at least 12 hours. Food was absolutely repulsive looking and smelling.

Just never really thought much of it until I turned 40 and had a full physical. Had not had one in 10 years since the birth of my son (will not even go into the trauma of what an epidural did to me, but I will say the OB told my husband during the C-section that I had the metabolism of a horse). Well, the physical went over swimmingly well. I am in shape, eat very healthy and exercise a little each day. Blood Tests came back all fantastic, but the doc mentioned my B12 was border line. She said, you must get fatigued easily. Try a few drops of B-12 under your tongue. It will give you extra ummph�. So I bought a small bottle, dropped a few and within about 30 minutes, I was lethargic and drooling over my computer at work.

To say the least, energy drinks are not an option for me. When driving from Va to Fl after Christmas last year, feeling a little tired after about 8 hours behind the wheel and as many left to go..I stopped to get gas and thought I would try a Monster. Mistake! Fortunate there was a Spring Hill Suites by the interstate in Savannah. I had to sleep the vitamin rush off.

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