Paradoxical Reaction to Xanax

(Cleveland, OH)

I went to my family doctor with some stomach complaints. For some reason, he decided that I need xanax. Being ignorant of this drug, I thought he gave me zantac. A day or two later, I was at a teachers' meeting and found that I just could not sit still.

I was fidgeting in my chair, getting up and just constantly needing to move. I had no clue what is happening until a day later, when I was at another meeting and could not sit still. It was embarrassing! I finally thought to look at the pill bottle and saw that he gave me xanax. Of course, I stopped taking it and never took it again. Btw, I was diagnosed with reflux by another doctor.

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Did pharmacydoctor accidentally misread/miswrite prescription
by: Cat

Could the pharmacy have misread a prescription or misheard it and thought it was supposed to be Xanax - and it really was supposed to be Zantac? Or was it possibly miswritten on the script itself? Just guessing.

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