Paradoxical reaction X 2!

by Amy Morton
(Central Texas)

I starting having a paradoxical reaction to Benadryl when I was 29 years old. Finding out the hard way, I learned what OTC meds to stay away from! Anything with the D word in it(diphenhydramine) Stay away from meds "behind the counter" i.e Alavert-D, Contains ephedrine, and if you're like me shouldn't take it either!

I was admitted to the ER for a migraine with aura, accompanied by TIA symptoms. Initially treating the migraine, then followed by a Lumbar puncture. I asked the nurse what would be administered because I didn't want to be too sedated as my mother was in the ER herself(contributing trigger for the migraine)! The med was Compazine, at the time I was not familiar with it and immediately was coming out of my skin! I explained how I felt and was told that a paradoxical reaction was a common side effect of compazine and is also why it was given with Benadryl!

WOW. by this time I couldn't tolerate any one or any thing, and just wanted to GET OUT OF THERE!! I was livid since I had an allergy band on my arm that contained Benadryl, Reglan- both give me the same reaction. Try staying relaxed through the lumbar puncture with all that going on!

Ativan was not even touching it either! Needless to say, the paradoxical reaction and the double dose were horrible. The effects lasted more than two days, couldn't relax and lay long enough to nurse the positional migraines. So second trip to the ER in one week for the positional migraines from the lumbar puncture which required a second puncture to the spine for a blood patch. Can't say that was the funnest memorable Birthdays to remember!

I have a nephew that has the same reaction with Ibuprofen.. Recently I have had serotonin syndrome from taking meds that can cause an overload of serotonin in brain area, that can be fatal. Related to ADD/ADHD meds with antidepressants. Be cautious and consult your doctor about dosing! And "just say no" to illegal drugs i.e. MDMA (aka Ecstacy) and others; death related incidents from serotonin overload- search Libby Zion.

Hope this helps!

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