Paradoxical Reactions after Surgery. Up all Night

Following 3 surgeries in my life; over 25 years, I had been given Morphine drip following 2 surgeries, and several different injections following the 3rd surgery.

#1 I awakened after back surgery in the recovery room. My doctor came in, explained a few things to me, as I continued to moan in pain. The entire night I was awake. My poor daughter stayed with my as I talked her head off...not literally :). I came home on Percocet. I painted my laundry room the next day. It is funny yes, but not fun. One needs to heal and relax.

#2 Then I had my gallbladder removed. Alone and awake the entire night....rough...

#3 After ovary removal surgery - nothing could be given to ease the pain. Until I remembered that a long time ago I had been given Demerol.. I told them It did give me some pain relief.

They said (as I was still in recovery) That it is no longer used. ??? I believe they did give it to me. THIS IS NOT FUN.

Is there anything that cam help people like me?

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