Paradoxical Reactions to Benadryl and Adderal.

by Ryan

Well, when I was little from about, eh, 6 to 13 or so, I was having paradoxical reactions to benadryl. At the time, me nor my Mom had any idea what that was, so she would give me Benadryl all the time for airborne pollen allergies. And everytime both of us were surprised when I got hyper. To her, benadryl knocks her right to sleep. But me, I would be up and bouncing off the walls until it wore off. Thank goodness it at least worked for my allergies. But now, Benadryl doesn't have the same effect on me. I'm 19 now.

Also, while I was in high school, one of my friends sold me her Adderal because she didn't like taking them for ADD. So I took them to put a bounce in my step. I would take them in the morning to wake up, and the rest of the day I wouldn't be hungry or thirsty (had to force myself to drink water), and instead of talking all day in every class, I actually focused on my work. It notably improved my concentration, and my grades reflected. You could tell by my grades which days I took Adderal and which days I didn't. Now I wonder if I should talk to my doctor about if I have ADD and need it..... haha.

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