Paradoxical Reactions to Nicotine, Caffeine, and Adderal

by GUS
(New Jersey)

I first noticed that I had Paradoxical Reactions to most drugs when I was in my early 20s. This was when I tried smoking weed for the first time. My friends were all mellow and couldnt get up off the couch. I couldnt sit still and all I wanted to do was talk. It woke my personality up, it brought me to life. This was when "I" became "ME". My sense of humor was coming to life. A few years later I tried cocaine for the first and last time. All my friends couldn't shut up but as for me I couldn't talk or do anything. My brain was turned off, nothing was going in and nothing was coming out.

When I drink coffee my body becomes extremely relaxed and my mind becomes very focused. My favorite cup of caffeine is the TURBO SHOT from DUNKIN DONUTS. I always order 4 turbo shots in a large coffee cup but without the coffee. All the employees call me TURBOMAN. Ten years ago I went to a doctor complaining of extreme anxiety so he put me on Xanax. Not long after taking Xanax I noticed it made me very aggressive and nasty. When I explained this to my Dr he told me to stop taking the Xanax then he put me on a antidepressant. I was told to take it at the same time of the day and not to skip a dose. About one month later my wife said she didn't like what the antidepressant was doing to my personality. She said it made me very boring and seemed to kill my spirit and my desire for life.

A few years ago I did a little experiment with vitamin C because whenever I would take it I seemed to always catch a cold. Six months ago I was diagnosed with having a severe case of Lyme disease. This was the reason why I have extreme anxiety but as we now know I cant take Xanax so my Dr has recently put me on Adderal.

This has become a miracle drug for me because when I'm on Adderal my mind and body becomes very relaxed and now for the first time in years I'm getting more than 4 hours of sleep at nite. About a year ago I started smoking cigarettes and they also relax me. So now when my anxiety starts to get really bad I light up a smoke, take my Adderal and run down to the local Dunkin Donuts. CAFFIENE NICOTINE AND ADDERAL has given me my new mantra "LIFE IS GOOD TODAY" So that's MY STORY and I'm stickin to it,,,...

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by: Anonymous

me too thanks

Lymes disease and nicotine
by: Anonymous

I've been wondering about the benefits of tobacco as in native american cultures...nicotine is known to rid the body of parasites so do you think, since you've started up smoking, that you're feeling any better in regard to your Lyme diagnosis.??

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