Reaction to JUST benadryl.

by Jenn
(Minnesota )

In November of 2015 I was given compazine and benadryl to treat a migraine. I fell asleep and woke up freaking out. This was mild compared to the reaction I had last night in the ER from JUST benadryl.

They gave me the benadryl along with a few other drugs to treat my headache. Within 10 min I was feeling this paradoxical reaction. I felt restless and my legs and arms started shaking and jerking. I started crying and shaking and telling my boyfriend to get the nurse and get my IV out before I do it myself.

I felt like I could not control my body and was going to end up hurting myself. The nurse came in and the doctor and nurse removed my IV and quickly discharged me because I was crying that I wanted to go home.

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