Runner having tendonitis from Cipro

by Janet

I finished a course of cipro on Saturday evening.I took it for enterobacter aerogenes which apparently is a nosocomical bacteria..interesting as I had a sigmoidoscopy a month earlier.I jog daily for an hour and a quarter and ran one day after finishing cipro.During the run I found my legs to feel heavy and running was difficult.Normally I am known for my running..I have been doing it for years.Coming home I have pain in both ankle tendons. I googled tendonitis and saw the link with Cipro. I have not yet told the doctor about this. That`s because I am scared and will be absolutely upset if they brush me off.

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Prepare Yourself for your doctor to dismiss your complaints
by: jim tucker

it will be much more than a simple brush off.i found my doctor hiding from me a few rooms away from where he disappeared on me after i told him what i had learned after two years and a bunch of money while he "tried" to figure out what was wrong with no avail though.he just went into denial and past me off to a quack rhumatoligist who sucked more money out of me then told me to find a pain management specialist and wished me luck.all the while denying that levaquin could ever cause Levaquin Tendonitis, let alone my other symptoms which include but are not limited to ringing in the ears, pain in my shoulders to the point that i can't sleep,neck pain,elbow and hand pain especially the thumbs,and of course the two ruptured Achilles tendons,earaches,brain fog,depression.i could go on but you would end up depressed so i will stop there.

Bow my worthless gp wants me to see a specialist three hours away and is not even on my insurances provider list so i would have to pay it myself.he knows damn well i cant afford to do basically when they get done blowing you off they just go ahead and phuk you off and hope you go away.the first thing you need to do is start some probiotics and stay active in spite of the pain.then find a good Medical Malpractice Lawyer.i guarantee you he will know more about your condition than your doctor.

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