Taking Cipro for Only 3 Days Made My Life a Mess

by Nick

i took cipro as the doctor said i have an infection on my prostate, even though i am only 39 years old, after days 3 of taking cipro every 24 hours as the doctor said, i been getting pain in my knees, arms and around my eye; and my heart was going really fast.

After stopping taking them and telling the doctor, he said the pills are safe and they give them to millions of people. I told him that i read on the internet many people have the same side effects, and he said do not believe the internet, doctors know better.

The first 3 days i sleep like 8 hours every day but after stopping them i have 2 days and cant sleep, another doctor told me stop the pills and take a half sleeping pill to sleep but i am so afraid it might react with the cipro in my blood , i am drinking a lot of water maybe the cipro leaves faster. and not eating to much. I hope to get better soon.

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