Too many paradoxical reactions to count

by Matt
(Dallas Tx.)

At this point in my life I refuse to take any new drug because of the effects they have on me. Cymbalta made me sucidical to the point of putting a 45 cal to my head. They put me on lamicital for seizure disorder it is also a mood stabilizer that drug made me homocidical.

Kepra had the same effect on me. Lunesta the sleeping pill was like supper speed, I was up for 2 days straight. If you think this is all in my head, Wellbutrin put me in respirtory failure. Statin Drug Side Effects caused my muscles to break down to the point of having kidney failure, and I almost died from that one.

Metformin Side Effects used to treat pre diabetes put me in lactic acidosis only after being on it for 3 days. This side effect is very rare.

The one answer I did get and it was from a D.O. Who specializes in nutrition was they did a DNA test and found that I have a gene mutation it is the C677T MTHFR Gene Mutation. Basically my body lacks the Enzime that metabolizes Folic Acid, B12 B6 B1 and l-glutathione. The main diseases related to this are heart attack, stroke, and cancer, of which I had had 2 of these.

A lack of folic acid causes depression which I have battled All my life. If you have depression that is not controlled by medications or have sever reactions to meds just check out the information on MTHFR Gene Mutation and a whole host of chronic illness come up. Most doctors know nothing about this but the way they treat it is with special vitimains that are methylized.

They are called medical food and of course not covered by most insurance companies. They have had a big influence on my memory and motivation. Don't think you are crazy if you have a lot of different illness and the docs can find nothing wrong. It's a simple blood test that will tell you if you have this mutation.

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