Urethral Pain Syndrome?

I had some UTI problems about two years ago and I had been on a couple of antibiotics for a couple different infections.

They seems to clear up but symptoms soon returned with presence of another infection. Right before I left for the beach I was experiencing symptoms again, and the hospital prescribed me this. I took it and had hypersensitivity to the sun about two days late realizing the effects of this. I went to the hospital and the gave me bennedryl through an IV. Ever since this horrible week, I have been in nonstop pain with no sign of infection. I have tried steroid injections, they went up with a camera to examine my bladder and found a ring of irritation in my urethra. I have intense pain from sex and from not drinking enough water.

I am trying to find a reason as to why this happened to me and was wonder if there was any possible way I have this debilitating pain because of taking Cipro. If not, can you give me some guidance on what to do next?

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Hard to say
by: Kerri Knox, RN

Hi Jessica,

It's difficult to say, but if they saw inflammation, that can explain the chronic pain, as inflammation is one of the main problems of virtually all chronic illnesses.

However, Cipro causes damage to collagen, which is why tendons rupture and joints become damaged. Since the urethra is also made of collagen, it's possible that there is some collagen damage going on there as well.

But all in all, I don't know that we can know for sure whether it's a problem that Cipro caused directly or not, although that seems like a reasonable belief to go on since it happened soon after you took Cipro.

Focusing on reducing inflammation is probably of main priority for you, and that is one of the components of the Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Solution Protocol along with maximizing collagen cell healing.

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