Anxiety and Lightheadedness from Avelox

by Gary G

I was give Avelox for Sinus issues, this was the first time taking the drug and it will be my last time. on day 2 the nausea started then the lightheaded feelings started by day I was having all the worst symptoms ( Anxiety, insomnia, panic attacks, and anxiety ) None of those have I ever experienced taking other medications.

By the 13th day I didn't even want to complete the last 2 days. I called the pharmacy and they suggest I eat more prior to taking the medication which I thought I had been doing. The nausea and lightheaded feeling were worse than the sinus infection.

I was given the Avelox in March 2012 and here it is May 2012 and I still am having Anxiety and lightheaded issues.

It's my personal opinion this drug should be pulled from the market. I just hope in time the side effects will go away. I for one will never take it again and told my ENT that as well.

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