Arm and Shoulder Pain from Levaquin

by Karen
(Maine )

Because I had initially hurt myself in exercise I didn't realize that the pain I was experiencing in my right arm and shoulder and getting worse by the day was due to levaquin. It was so bad plus spasms when doing nothing i called the pharmacist and doctor who said to stop it. I was afraid to call him sooner as he didn't know any other antibiotic for me to take and did not give me another type.

In the past I have taken Cipro without incident but had an allergic hive reaction to Avelox which i had told him. U was taking levaquin for an infected salivary gland cyst that need to be removed and biopsied.

It has only been a few days since I stopped the drug but the pain is still very strong . Occasionally still get some numbness in the right hand in addition to the spasms and pain of right arm and shoulder.

Praying this will go away completely .

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