Avalox in Brazil

by Clarianna
( brazil)

I'm from Brazil and I've taken Avalox by 10 days due to a sinusitis. My body is weak, my head is exploding! My arms are hurting even I try to eat. This medicine should be more researched or forbidden.

Sorry for my english.

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quinlone antibiotics
by: Albuquerque Dave

I hope you weren't prescribed a packet of steroids to go along with the Avalox. That is
the deadly combination to take. Also avoid steroids , as the antibiotic has soaked into all of your body, and will cause a lot of damage to your body.

That was my mistake, they told me I had RA and gave me a lot of steroids and over the years my body fell apart due to muscle, tendon, and cartilage damage.

best of luck to you

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