Avelox Side Effects Ruined My Life

by Diane

In March of 2011 after undergoing a total right knee replacement I developed a MRSA infection in the surgery site and after other drugs failed to clear the infection after 2 months my Dr gave me Avelox in July of 2011 while on this drug I awakened one morning unable to hear from my left ear, I went to the e.r. and was first told that my ear canal was swollen shut and given drops. Well that didn't work after several test and an MRI I was told that I would never regain my hearing and they had no answer.

Not making the connection with Avelox, I also developed a lump on the back of my right foot my achellie tendon still the pain is unbelievable. And again my Doctors didn't make the connection that these were Avelox Side Effects and I didn't either, I suffered with my pain not knowing that this drug has ruined my life. It was not until I changed Doctors in July 2013 and requested my medical records that I put things together and could not believe what I was reading I was suffering from first degree kidney failure and my Doctor did not tell me, so here I am today after suffering for the last 2 years I found the answer to my problems my pain my deafness for 10 day's of treatment I received a life time of suffering every step I take is unbearable the sad part is my Doctor's had no answers . And even worse my knee replacement failed and I was just told that my test are positive for infection.

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