Horrible side effects from Avelox

by Mandy


I was given IV Avelox in the ER to treat a SUSPECTED bacterial pneumonia (normal WBC and other labs), and then sent home on the oral form. About 16 hours later, before I had taken my first oral dose, I noted that I had lost sensitivity in my throat and stomach, and my lips were numb and tingling. At first I thought I was reacting to Albuterol, since I had just taken it, so I stopped the medication and took prednisone. The next morning I took my oral dose of Avelox and had the common jittery feeling (which I would have put up with if that was all), then I had a panic attack.

I hadn't taken any Albuterol, so that left the prednisone and Avelox. I decided to look up the side effects of Avelox and noted that patients were reporting peripheral neuropathy or loss of sensation anywhere in their bodies. That made me realize that I was having a very serious adverse event and I stopped taking the drug. They weren't concerned in the ER when I called them (sheesh).

Yesterday morning was the first 24 hours off of the medicine and I had another panic attack-literally felt like coming out of my skin. I know it takes 5 half-lives to get the drug out of your system, so I wasn't as concerned, especially if the side effects seemed to diminish over time. This morning I was able to have a cup of coffee and no panic attack, though the loss of sensitivity in my throat and stomach still remains. I also returned to work this morning, on light duty. I have scheduled an appointment with a doctor to follow up and make sure that I am okay.

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by: Anonymous

Hallucinations are seldom mentioned here but they are nonetheless another result of taking Avelox. Spontaneous snapping of tendons from the bone is now on quinolone and fluoroquinolone warning labels. Follow Kerry's advice!

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