Levaquin-Prednisone Victim

by Marty
(Pompano, Fl.)

In mid August, 2008, I was given a script by primary care doc. for a bacterial inf. of lungs & he knew I had a kidney transplant 11 yrs earlier & was & still is stable. I had 7 capsules ---one a day for seven days. On the 7th day as I got out of my car, I felt a sharp pain in ankle. I went home, wrapped it in bengay & ace bandage. The next day, getting out of bed, SNAP, the other ankle.

Now the pain was hell. Still not knowing what was happening, I went to my PRIMARY CARE DOC AT THE VETERANS MED CENTER. for my scheduled exam. A friend rolled me in on a wheelchair. SHE asked me what happened & I asked her the same. After informing her of my lung infection & medication, she said, "Oh my God!" Eventually received MRI, saw Ortho surgeon, said I was not a candidate for surgery & wore AFO's for 2 1/2 yrs---

Now, almost 4 yrs later, I have continuity in tendons BUT, toes are pointed down,feet do not bend properly, feet & toes still burn & I can only walk very short distances. I became a prisoner to my sofa. This tore my life apart. I am single, have always lived alone & turn 65 in August. After taking care of my feet while serving in the Army & working some very rough jobs, this has made me so ANGRY especially because there is no cure in site. This is not the "half of it." But I will end my story now. Thank you. Marty

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Your situation with levaquin-prednisone
by: Carrie

Hi Marty,
I believe something similar happened to my father, he's been gone a year now, this past May. He was prescribed multiple antibiotics and then put back on prednisone.

I am certain after reading these suits and things on TV that he went through a aortic aneurysm- dissection, one. My dad had many conditions and didn't need these medications making things worse for him.

I'm in Lubbock Texas, I believe it started out with many of the same things you said that you felt and went through. You can write if you would like to:


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